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ACT Test Prep

Taking the ACT is a huge deal for many students and their families. One of the reasons is because if they do well on the test, then it could mean less debt that many families and students accumulate over an average of four years while in college. Sign up TODAY for our private or group ACT preparation course!

Study Tips

A helpful tip to incorporate into your study habits, especially when preparing to take a test, is to study in increments of 20 minutes. You want to take a short break between each 20 minutes of focused study to get a drink of water, stretch, return a text/email, et cetera. One way to gain a winning edge in your academics is to study a little each day as opposed to cramming the night before a test. You'll discover that you retain way more information as a result and the information learned gets locked into your long term memory.

Your Attitude and Goal Setting

Often, students are not taught how their attitude and setting effective goals for their life is a key component to their success. Why wait until you are well into your adulthood to learn and participate in effective goal setting? Start now to discover a way to be more successful in your approach to navigating through life with a winner’s attitude. “People who are good at using the tools they have available to them to maintain their attitude literally can make a difference of over 200 points on a SAT.” ~Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman