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Helping Students Develop a Deeper Mathematical Understanding!

Summer Math Camp

Choose from one of our three Math camps this summer where kids will learn various math concepts in a fun and exciting way! Campers will also have an optional Chess or LEGO camp! All camps will be held at the Vestavia Civic Center. Space is limited, so contact us TODAY!

Summer Enrichment Program

Our Summer Math Enrichment Program was developed with the intent to keep students academically engaged throughout the summer and prepare them mathematically for the upcoming school year. The program is designed to fill in any missing conceptual gaps, so students are well prepared and confident entering their math course for the upcoming school year. This is also an ideal program for students wanting to get ahead mathematically and keep their brain sharp during the summer break. The curriculum is designed to be completed in eight sessions preferably twice a week over four weeks. Contact us for specific details on what topics will be covered for each grade level from elementary to high school geometry.

Gifted Math Program

The Math Brainiac designed a specific educational program for gifted and/or advanced math students. This program is designed for students that currently have a B average or higher in his/her math class and enjoys the attention to detail and challenge that a structured curriculum offers. This program is intended to build a solid foundation in students at a young age for those interested in taking advance math courses in high school and beyond. It is also intended for those interested in joining his/her school's Math Team. The Math Brainiac's Gifted Math Program accepts qualified students in Grades 1 - 5. In addition, qualified students in grades 6 - 8 will be accepted into our math club where students will work on challenging problems in a social setting. A total of four to eight students will be accepted per grade level. Contact us today to set up a FREE trial class!